Monday, November 18, 2019

How Could E-learning Help People to Understand More About Malaria Essay

How Could E-learning Help People to Understand More About Malaria - Essay Example This essay stresses that e-learning also gives the instructor a lot of options in the way through which information is compiled and presented. This allows the entity providing the service to reach out to a more diverse customer base. This could also include various local processes and participants who might benefit from enhanced options and processes of updating their knowledge about a given phenomenon. Malaria has three main pointers of spread and this includes: breeding, contact and injection by the primary vector, mosquitoes. The main difficulty in malaria control lies in the fact that the mosquitoes and parasites’ ability to evolve and circumvent tools and systems used to control them. The main intervention systems include the control of breeding by maintaining more hygienic environments and proper systems and processes of preventing malaria bearing mosquitoes from breeding their young. This paper makes a conclusion that the website has to be functional and it has to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including the users and other third party stakeholders. It will also need to meet all the desires of donors and get their submissions brought into the fore. Therefore, there is the need for all primary stakeholders to be involved. This means that a detailed interview with all stakeholders including the government authorities, NGOs, volunteering organisations, community members and community leaders are also important. E-Commerce will be a crucial aspect and process.

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