Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bank of America Financial Statements Research Paper

Bank of America Financial Statements - Research Paper Example These auditors provide a clean opinion on the financial statements as they are in done with the accordance of the law of the state and they value the client’s long standing relationship. PwC values their clients and they share a long and committed relation with their clients. The financial statements of Bank of America provide materialistic and factual evidence of subsequent events. The bank also provides a consolidated five year summary of the selected financial data in order to provide accurate results. The bank is divided into six business segments, which consists of deposits, global card services, home loans & insurance, global commercial banking, GBAM and GWIM. â€Å"Results of our operations through six business segments: Deposits, Global Card Services, Home Loans & Insurance, Global Commercial Banking, GBAM and GWIM, with the remaining operations recorded in all Other† (Bank of America, 2010). The auditors provide a clear report of the firm and they dedicate thei r report to the society. The reason for the bank’s downfall which has reduced its profits in the year 2010 was a decrease in the growth of assets. Similarly the bank has raised large amounts of debt in the last financial year and aims to improve its financial and capital strength. Bank of America is the one of the earth’s major financial organizations, serving individual customers, small- and middle-marketplace business and big businesses with a complete variety of asset management, investing, banking and other fiscal and risk management goods and services. The business offers unmatched expediency in the US, serving around 57 million customer and small business relations with around 5,900 retail banking offices and about 18,000 ATMs and award-winning online banking by way of 29 million active consumers. Bank of America is one amongst the world's foremost wealth management businesses and is a worldwide leader in business and trading and investment banking across a wide variety of asset classes, serving businesses, governments, organizations and persons around the world. â€Å"Bank of America does not undertake an obligation, and disclaims any duty, to update any of the information in

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