Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Environmental Legislation of the European Union Essay

Environmental Legislation of the European Union - Essay Example The essay "Environmental Legislation of the European Union" talks about the EU Environmental legislation which addresses issues like water and wastes pollution, noise pollution, air quality, thinning of the ozone layer and acid rain. The institution for European Environmental Policy approximates the body of EU environmental legislation totals to over 500 Decisions, Regulations, and Directives. According to the Commission and Document, environmental legislation comes into power as soon as it is printed in the approved Journal of the European Union. The main aim of this legislation is that it will set out the environmental policies or goals that are needed to be attained by the member states. Major areas of this environmental policy include the Water Framework Directive is a type of a water policy, aiming for coastal and ground waters, lakes, and rivers to be of good quality, the Habitat Directive entails the protection of natural habitats and biodiversity, and lastly the Birds Directi ve. The environmental legislation of the European Union should be centered on a particular agreement article or articles which are placed in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) or the Treaty on the European Union (TEU) that is denoted as its legitimate base. The legitimate or legal base recommends the legislative process and the type of directive that can be implemented. The main purpose of the environmental policy of the European Union is to make sure that the environment is taken care of efficiently.

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