Saturday, February 29, 2020

Technological developements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Technological developements - Essay Example In earlier years, photography was represented in paintings and similar artworks. During these periods, the development of the painting tube served as a greater milestone towards the developments that occurred in photography. The development led to the urge for advanced impressions created that were brought about by the development of the camera. Impressionism contributed to the need for creation of more expressive images thus leading to further developments in photography and other expressive arts (Sefton-Green 5). Over the years, the camera has dominated in the provision of almost perfect pictures. The development of the camera has considerably contributed to other advancements in photography with the development of motionless pictures technologies. These technologies have led to the development of movies and documentaries that are considered significant progressions in photography. Digital camera has proved a cut through in modern photography, given that it has considerably contributed to the further developments of cutting-edge technologies, involving production of images that appear perfect than images from earlier developments. Photo Restoration Software is considered a cutting-edge technology that offers the populace a chance to view the old photos in the most modern manner. It renews old photography thus leading to the betterment of the old memories. The software makes the photos look most recent after some time of decreasing quality of paper as well as color utilized in earlier photography. Japan has managed to develop a camera that offers 3D images that are real through improvement of camera versions, in other countries such as Europe and America. The camera is an invention by Fujifilm that does not utilize nerdy glasses in its operations. The pinhole was utilized in the development of negatives that contributed enormously to photography where the negatives have been utilized in

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